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Practise Writing A Balanced Argument: Is Smoking Bad For My Health? (9-14 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Practise Writing A Balanced Argument: Is Smoking Bad For My Health? (9-14 years)

This teaching resource is specifically designed to enhance literacy skills in students between grades 4 and 9. Ideal for both school educators and homeschooling parents, it serves as an effective tool to teach balanced argumentative writing.

The pack addresses various essential points for discursive essay writing such as:

  • Presentation of views and construction of counterarguments
  • Use of organizational and literary devices
  • Employment of figurative language like metaphors
  • Strategic use of reiteration, vocabulary, and connectives
  • Awareness about the audience's preferences and adjusting sentence types accordingly
  • Understanding the importance spelling and grammar usage in context.

The work pack includes interactivities like model answers, sample texts by students, practice questions highlighting common errors—promoting active learning.

Educators' Boon:
The resource significantly cuts down on time spent preparing lessons or extracting homework tasks without compromising content quality.

Diverse Classroom Setups

If you're dealing with a whole group or assigning individual work packs—the efficient structure ensures seamless implementation across varied classroom setups. It aids instruction in argumentative writing less intimidatingly while building confidence among students increased by their love for expressing ideas convincingly.

Flexible Home Study

Balancing Learnings:Ideal for home study too; these packs offer structured yet flexible learning reinforcing key concepts regularly!
Selective Titles: A broad spectrum allows varied choices keeping student engagement optimal—a pivotal toolkit making teaching persuasive essays simpler & efficient!

What's Included

15 pages

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