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Praise Him Album of Songs

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

The Praise Him Album of Songs: A Resource for Educators

This valuable resource is designed for educators targeting Grades 1-4. It caters primarily to those teaching Life Studies with special attention to the sub-area of Religion. Comprising of 12 captivating worship songs, it aims to help children strengthen their bond with the Lord through music and song.

A Sing-Along Album in Zip File Format

In a convenient zip file format, this album provides an engaging auditory experience. The audio files include upbeat tunes ideal for igniting enthusiasm among young learners while nurturing their spiritual growth. Kids can participate in these melodies during group play or solitary study times both inside and outside the classroom.

An Educational Tool Beyond Classroom Boundaries

  • Introduce faith in an impassioned environment where children's faith can grow.
  • Come alive at home that whole families can enjoy before church or during Sunday school gatherings.
  • Ideal as an interactive tool for small group activities involving kids with similar religious interests.
  • Foster closeness among peers through discussions about each song’s theme.

A Homework Assignment and Teaching Resource Dual-Purpose Album

Each song not only serves as a teaching resource but also as homework assignments where students are encouraged to research specific hymns or verses linked (making it a tool that fosters independent thinking). This mode of learning instills exploratory learning skills vital for their holistic development.

In Conclusion

To incorporate this resoruce will perpetuate joyous learning environments seamlessly fused with compelling spiritual teachings molding well-rounded individuals brighthened by faith's resilience and love's enduring power .

What's Included

1 zip file with 12 songs

Resource Tags

worship songs spiritual growth educational resource interactive tool faith-based

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