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Jesus Lives Album of Songs

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Jesus Lives Album of Songs

The Jesus Lives Album of Songs is a valuable resource for educators and parents aiming to instill a deep understanding and regard for the Christian faith in their young students. Tailored perfectly for children age ranging from preschool to grade 2, this audio resource is bundled as a single zip file containing an exciting collection of 14 songs that are both engaging and educational.


This album was designed with the intent to be incorporated into Life Studies curriculum, specifically geared towards Religious studies. Each song has been thoughtfully crafted not only to inspire joyous singing but also impart essential biblical knowledge.

Educational Uses

  • Group Learning: These tunes can be used during whole group sessions, promoting unity and collective participation while learning about God's Word through song.
  • Small-Group Discussions: Teachers can facilitate listening exercises within small groups that could stimulate thoughtful discussions about each song's conveyed message.
  • Homeschooling & Homework Assignment: Beside classroom use, these songs could serve as interesting homework resources or be used by homeschooling parents during daily routines or Morality class studies at home - turning sing-along moments into learning opportunities.

A Resource Beyond Entertainment

In essence, the Jesus Lives Album offers more than just catchy tunes. It presents opportunities for creating shared moments centered around faith. This promotes spiritual development while catering to linguistic abilities appropriate for learners between preschool and second grade levels.
This one-of-a-kind resource goes beyond traditional constructs of 'teaching', drastically transforming learning environments into more inclusive spaces that young learners find enjoyable yet profoundly impactful in developing their early religious foundations.

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

Jesus Faith Songs Christian education Spiritual development

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