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Presidents' Day: Bulletin Board-in-a-Book

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About This Product

Presidents' Day: Bulletin Board-in-a-Book

This is a comprehensive resource typefied for educators to create interesting and educational bulletin boards about Presidents' Day.

Primarily targeted towards the primary grades from Kindergarten through Grade 3, it ingeniously entwines learning into a fun experience suitable for whole group activities, be it in the classroom or homeschool setting.

Focusing on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

The core of this product lies in commemorating two influential figures - George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The kit includes a printable PDF with 16 ready-to-use pages filled with essential items needed for your vibrant display.

An Entire Learning Package, Not Just A Bulletin Board Compilation!

Apart from decorative punch-outs and patterns, there are activity pages designed to enhance students' language abilities and basic math proficiency. The lessons combine historical knowledge of the two presidents with useful skill-set exercises in language arts and mathematics curriculums.

  • This integration provides versatility allowing manipulation as classroom lesson extras or hands-on small group activities.
  • Suitable as homework assignments or station-based tasks during learning workshops making teaching prepared for different instructional strategies.
Suggestions Beyond Just Presidents' Day!
  1. Bulletin Board-in-a-Book. goes beyond just Presidents’ Day celebration offering book recommendations, games plus delightful snack ideas seamlessly infused into this holiday's spirit at school/home-learning spaces.

  2. The subjects covered under this product highlight Holidays focusing on President's Day theme giving young learners an exploratory groundwork of its historical significance entwined with practical skill supplements.

This end-to-end academic voyage offered by their trusted teachers or homeschoolers makes this product of invaluable use!

What's Included

1 PDF with 16 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

President's Day holiday words cut and paste bulletin board coloring page

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