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Problem Solving | Academic Workbook

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Word Problems


Grade 3





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About This Product

The Problem Solving | Academic Workbook

A world-class tool for your learners, this workbook is a treasure trove of activities aimed at third graders. It is designed to work on critical skill areas related to problem solving and understanding word problems.

Workbook Overview

  • Comprises of 42 meticulously designed pages.
  • Covers topics such as properties of operations, interpreting word problems and rounding whole numbers, and many more.
  • Boasts varied types of activities including writing tasks, fill in the blank exercises, and multiple choice questions - serving as both a learning tool & an evaluation medium for teachers.

Your search ends here if you are on the hunt for robust teaching resources. This comprehensive workbook will fit right into your teaching methodology regardless it consisting already well-strengthened curriculum or you're just starting afresh with new lesson plans.

Purposeful Utility

Imagine using this workbook during group instruction sessions focusing on specific mathematical concepts or swiftly assessing student's understanding using one or two question sheets cleverly woven inside this pack that can be used as exit tickets marking completion of a theme.

Inclusion Of Simple Problem Solving Strategies

  • This workbook introduces simple problem-solving strategies- -Guess & check method -Visualization through drawing pictures -Organizing data through tables The aforementioned strategies aim towards developing critical thinking among students making sure they grasp the root knowledge.
    • Delves into patterns: Further down their journey, students align with recognizing letter patterns along with geometric number patterns aiding them in deciphering subsequent terms in linear growth patterns.
    • Accessible Delivery Mode

      In an effortless-to-use PDF format, with a rich assortment of 42 print-ready pages, this workbook fits right in prerequisites criteria of every educator seeking purposeful teaching tools.

      The Problem Solving Academic Workbook- an asset to your teaching-care toolkit.

What's Included

1 PDF with 42 ready to print pages

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