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Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch - Game Pack 1

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch - Game Pack 1

This is a comprehensive teaching resource specifically targeted for educators with students ranging from 7 to 13 years old. The use of an easily accessible packet and photocopiable pages simplifies class material preparation and distribution.

Kit Contents:
  • Four eye-catching games aimed at teaching the basics of coding using Scratch 3.0
  • Clear step-by-step instructions on how create engaging games like Pop that Balloon, Pong, Hungry Frog and Catch the Birdy which are designed with fun challenges

The selection of games progressively build specific coding skills enabling educators to use them individually or sequentially. These resources can be adapted for various learning settings such as group instruction, personalized learning sessions or as homework projects, offering flexibility according strict classroom needs and student proficiency levels.

Coding Skills Development:
  • Action-reaction mechanism design (Pop the Balloon)
  • Crafting dynamic moving objects responsive to player inputs (Pong)

In addition to providing an in-depth understanding of logic application and problem-solving methods during their coding journey, these game development activities also promote computational thinking among students.

Note: These resources have potential interdisciplinary relevance beyond computer science classes - they could trigger mathematical thinking by fostering understanding of X-Y axes during game creation process.

All-round Development through Coding Activities

"Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code" not only imparts hard skills but also stimulates creativity among young learners via playful execution whilst preparing them for tomorrow's tech-driven world. All required Scratch templates are easily available at Edulito ensuring this resource is comprehensive from planning stage right down till execution.

Please Note: This resource is available only as a 33-page printer-friendly PDF file.

What's Included

33 printable pdf pages

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Coding Scratch Game Development Computational Thinking Teaching Resource

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