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Proportional Relationships REVIEW (Pre-Test & Review Notes)

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About This Product

Proportional Relationships REVIEW (Pre-Test & Review Notes)

The Proportional Relationships REVIEW (Pre-Test & Review Notes) is aimed at advancing the mathematical abilities of 7th grade students, with emphasis on ratios and proportional relationships. This critical learning aid lines up with common core standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.RP.A.2 and CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.RP.A.3,, providing a comprehensive coverage of basic math principles for transition into more intricate topics.

About the package

The key feature is the Pre-test on Proportional Relationships module, obtainable in printable and Google Forms format for versatility of use.

  • The pre-test covers aspects such as understanding proportion, identifying proportions, creating proportion setups, and solving problems using proportions inclusive of percent proportions.
  • This evaluation module may be advantageous for educators as an initial probe into students' understanding or as an exam following review to evaluate comprehension.
  • An answer key is included to facilitate grading by educators or self-assessment by individual learners using this resource.

Included resources

Apart from the pre-test, this bundle also comprises a detailed Proportional Relationships Review Notes & Practice offering both theoretical frameworks and practical exercises in ratios/proportionality themes including:

  • Theory notes
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  • Problem-solving exercises involving various percentage proportions scenarios among others.
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" "Available in pdf format; ensures easy downloadability for usage across public school classrooms as well homes; catering for small group learning to whole class instructional sessions encompassing wide utility spectrum." "

In nutshell, this education resource offers comprehensive math coverage aided by practical problem solving scenarios fostering the mathematical advancement of Grade 7 students targeting Algebraic components through the intensive refresher of ratio/proportion relationships themes.


What's Included

It contains the following items:

1) Proportional Relationships PRE-TEST (printable and version for Google Forms)

· If students do well on this pre-test, they may not need to go over the following review pages.

· Pre-Test Covers:

o Concept of proportion

o Identifying proportions

o Setting up proportions

o Solving for missing values using proportions (including Percent Proportions)

· Alternately, if you want your class to have official practice and review, you may choose to give the Pre-Test after the review notes before moving on into 7th grade proportional relationships.

2) Proportional Relationships Review NOTES & PRACTICE

3) Answer Key to All Parts

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