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Ratios & Proportional Relationships Unit CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE

Ratios & Proportional Relationships Unit CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE
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About This Product

Ratios & Proportional Relationships Unit CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE

A top-tier teaching resource specially designed for Grade 7 educators. The focus of this unit lies in strengthening students' grasp over the Comprehensive Core Standards related to Ratios and Proportional Relationships.

  • Broad coverage: Reviews a variety of complex concepts hailing from unit rates with fractional ratios to understanding points on graphs showcasing proportional relationships.
  • Multipurpose: Functions as a review material or a test preparation tool for the Ratios & Proportional Relationships module with special attention to key mathematical concepts like simple interest, tax, markups and markdowns, gratuities and commissions, percentage increase/decrease errors and representation of proportional connections via equations.

Resource Features

  1. Constructed Response Scenarios: The package includes four such scenarios presented in multiple formats catering to diverse teaching methods.
    • Printable Version: Most suitable for traditional classrooms encouraging paper-pencil assignments.
    • Digital Version (compatible with Google Slides): Ideal pick for distance or virtual learning. Supports digital submissions.
  2. Rubric Recommendations:This valuable add-on is provided within the product for quick yet accurate assessment post each exercise/test. Teachers can now save time in grading tasks more proficiently!
  3. All-inclusive Answer Key Section:This saves teachers extra prep-time by eliminating searching reference materials externally. When it comes to homeschooling parents too, this PDF format brings massive convenience at fingertips due to its easy downloading feature!

Cross-Functional Benefits

Inspired directly from the seventh-grade curriculum standards, this incredible resource is designed keeping algebraic reasoning skills at the core. It supports various instructional scenarios like whole class teaching sessions, small group explorations or even as individual student tasks or personalized assignments making it an ideal pick for homeschooling parents.

A Note:With a balanced mix of comprehensive learning material synced with practical problem-solving opportunities and intelligent assessment cues, the product indeed lives up to its reputation as a valuable teaching tool prioritizing learning proficiency over everything else!-

What's Included

This product is meant to be a unit review/test prep for the 7th Grade Ratios & Proportional Relationships unit.

It contains the SAME 4 Constructed Response Scenarios in the following formats:

1) Printable Version (works best for students to show their hand-written work)

2) A version for Google Slides (works best for distance learning)

3) Grading Recommendations (simple rubric)

4) Answer Key

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