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Rainbow Sunburst Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit

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About This Product

Rainbow Sunburst Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit

A valuable teaching resource that's designed to foster a positive learning environment, using brightly colored and inspiring affirmations.

Product Details:

  • This kit includes ready-to-print PDF files and editable Microsoft PowerPoint files.
  • The set contains both large (10 x 6 inches) and small (10 x 3.5 inches) headers.
  • You will receive sixty round affirmation cards at 4.5 inches each, alongside sixty square affirmation cards sized at 4 inches each.

The versatile design theme of vibrant rainbow sunburst makes this station kit a perfect addition to any classroom looking to build positivity amongst students!

Unique Feature: Customization Capability

The editable Microsoft Power Point file included in the materials gives educators the ability to modify texts based on their students' specific needs or language proficiency level—a significant feature for classrooms with diverse learners.

Note: The resources may appear different depending on screen resolutions - so colors may vary slightly.

Versatility Across Grade Levels

This education tool is not grade-specific, thus suitable for various teaching contexts including homeschool setups!

Introduce innovation into your instruction by incorporating the Rainbow Sunburst Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit today!

Suggested Software for Optimal Use:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader should be used for viewing the PDF files.
  • ,
  • A version of Microsoft PowerPoint from 2010 or later is recommended for editing the pptx file.
  • .

What's Included

♥ Ready to print PDF Files (not editable)

♥ Microsoft PowerPoint Files (editable)


♥ 4 big headers – 10 x 6 inches

♥ 4 small headers – 10 x 3.5 inches

♥ 60 round affirmation cards – 4.5 in

♥ 60 square affirmation cards – 4 in


Colors may vary depending on screen’s resolution.


• For pdf file - ADOBE ACROBAT READER.

You can get it for free

• For pptx file - Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 or later version)

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