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Rainy April | Kindergarten Unplugged / Digital Coding

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Rainy April | Kindergarten Unplugged / Digital Coding

An innovative teaching resource that is the ideal solution to educators wanting to introduce programming and coding basics to young learners. Regardless of the types of programmable tools you have, this resource offers an engaging STEM activity that is sure to captivate and educate.

The focus of this tool lies in improving students' skills in basic logic puzzles, an essential component necessary for Hour of Code activities. This Rainy April themed package cleverly integrates weather-related aspects like rainfall making it both educational and contextually relevant.

Package Contents:

  • User-friendly instructions for teachers enabling easy incorporation into lesson plans.
  • A clear guide for students on how to use map pieces provided in vibrant spring colors!

The standout feature? An interactive smartboard chart complemented by a crack-the-code recording sheet! This feature promotes active student participation during lessons while doing the crucial job of nurturing critical thinking processes required for subjects such as Computer Science.

Dual Mode Learning:

The major advantage of Rainy April lies in its universal applicability; it can be used as physical handouts or digitally via editable Google Slides. This makes it perfect for distance learning or classroom settings, providing a stress-free solution amidst unpredictable learning conditions.

Fostering collaboration and individual effort, certain activities can be done alone while others are intended for small group work — adjusting smoothly with varied student-group sizes — from public schools or home schools alike! Suitable from Preschool up till 1st grade thanks to its leveled approach towards complexities within each task worksheet!

This kit comes delivered as a printable PDF (size: 11 x 8.5).
Distribution couldn't be simpler! Hard copies can be handout and online classes can easily utilize the digital files.

Rainy April is an amalgamation of traditional teaching blended with a digital touch, it facilitates a novel learning experience that refuses to let physical location or resources hinder your student's educational progress.

What's Included

Rainy april coding

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