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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

John Dsouza
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About This Product

Reading a Narrative Poetry: The Song of Hiawatha - PowerPoint Presentation

This teaching resource is ideally crafted for educators enhancing their lesson plans in the Language Arts sector. Designed to engage students from Grade 6 through 10, it boosts their understanding of Reading.

The Song of Hiawatha, a narrative poem, is used as core material. The presentation offers a comprehensive lesson plan based on the New Bloom’s Taxonomy. It includes activities diverse in nature targeting critical thinking and analysis:
  • Identifying key ideas within the poem
  • Finding meanings of complex words
  • Analyzing poetry elements such as genre, message, tone and structure.

A unique feature is its promotion of text-based learning! Using textual clues to answer questions or formulate summaries intensively involves learners. They get chances to evaluate poet's use of poetic devices like personification, hyperbole imagery or repetition.

Besides, creative exercises such as sketching characters based on learnings from poems are included—fostering connection with literary figures thereby and enhancing comprehension levels.

This versatile product can be utilized across multiple settings including:

  1. Whole-group instruction: During ELA lessons
  2. Small-group collaborations: In ELA centers

It can also find use for homework assignment or enrichment purposes. Customer feedback affirms alignment of these resources with educator needs—whether it's instructional guide for formal letter writing or enlivening lessons about reading comprehension!

You focus on educating while ‘Reading A Narrative Poetry: The Song Of Hiawatha - PowerPoint Presentation’ simplify planning efforts!

It provides exhaustive content ready-to-use. Inciting renewed enthusiasm among your learners towards learning Language Arts through engaging tools packed into one comprehensive product! This resource is wrapped up in adaptable Microsoft PowerPoint format, ensuring a significant upliftment in nurturing your students’ language skills.

What's Included

This Download Includes:


POEM: An Extract of “The Song of Hiawatha” by W. H. Longfellow


EXERCISE 1: Match the words (1-14) with their meanings (A-N).

EXERCISE 2: Match the adjectives (1-8) with the words they describe (A-H) in the poem.

EXERCISE 3: Look at the sentence structure in the poem. Sometimes the poet changes the order of the words in a sentence so that something important appears as the first word. Match the sentences (1-4) with their correct word order (A-B).


EXERCISE 4: Read the sentences about the poem and decide if they are true or false.

EXERCISE 5: What does Hiawatha learn about his “Chickens” and “Brothers”? Complete these sentences with the given words.


EXERCISE 6: Answer the following retrieval questions.

EXERCISE 7: Answer the following inferential questions.


EXERCISE 8: Follow the specified criteria to identify the poetry elements of the poem.

EXERCISE 9: Answer the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge of poetry elements – Part 1-3.


EXERCISE 10: Follow PEE model to evaluate the poet’s use of personification and hyperbole in the poem.

EXERCISE 11: Follow PEE model to evaluate the poet’s use of imagery in the poem.

EXERCISE 12: Answer the questions to check your understanding of the figurative language used in the poem.

EXERCISE 13: Follow PEE model to evaluate the poet’s use of repletion, alliteration and onomatopoeia in the poem.

EXERCISE 14: Answer the questions to check your understanding of the sound poetic devices used in the poem.


EXERCISE 15: Briefly summarise the meaning of the poem.

EXERCISE 16: Follow the characterisation guide to describe the character of Nokomis, based on what you learn in the poem.

EXERCISE 17: Follow the prompt to make a critical appreciation of the poem.

EXERCISE 18: Follow the PEEL model to explain the reader impact of the use of personification in the poem.

EXERCISE 19: Follow the PEEL model to explain the reader impact of the use of hyperbole in the poem.

EXERCISE 20: Follow the PEEL model to explain the reader impact of the use of imagery in the poem.

EXERCISE 21: Follow the PEEL model to explain the reader impact of the use of sound poetic device in the poem.

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