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Reading Analysis Form

Reading Analysis Form
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About This Product

If you are looking for data tracking for reading, I have just the resource for you.


What You Get:

This is a Reading Analysis Form that was designed for elementary reading teachers who are looking to add additional data tracking resources to their toolkit. This is a 1-page printable.


How To Implement This Resource:

You will want to print off enough Reading Analysis Forms that you need to track data for your students. If you create data tracking folders for your students, you can print multiple copies to go in each of their folders. Whenever you want to assess data skills, pull this form out and you're all set.

This Reading Analysis Form entails:

-- Reading Attainment

-- Reading Strategies

-- Talking about the book

-- Discussion about reading in general

-- Library / information retrieval skills

-- Current National Curriculum level of reading-attainment


I hope you enjoy!


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You can find more resources at my storefront here: Elementary Resources 4 U

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