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Reconstruction 1865-1877 - Two Graphic Organizers

Reconstruction 1865-1877 - Two Graphic Organizers
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History: USA


Grade 8, 9, 10, 11

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About This Product

Reconstruction 1865-1877 - Two Graphic Organizers

This teaching resource delves into the critical period in American history that followed the Civil War. A valuable tool for educators of Grades 8 through 11, it provides comprehensive content on a complex epoch concerning History or Social Studies related to USA.

Main Focus:

The resource focuses majorly on Reconstruction protocols post-Civil War and outlines political, social, and economic shifts during this tenure. The primary objective was re-establishing Southern states which had seceded from the Union and integrating African Americans into society.

Legislation Elements:
  • 13th to 15th Amendments: Abolished slavery while providing citizenship rights to African Americans.
  • Freedmen's Bureau Policy: Safeguarded interests of those recently freed from enslavement.

Dual Graphics Organizers Feature:

Packed with valuable information integrating politics within Postwar Reconstruction in South alongside a map highlighting Southern military districts—understanding how Southern states were readmitted post-war handling of issues regarding African American integration and determining controlling parties over Reconstruction.

Challenges Faced:
  1. Resistance from opposing white Southerners.
  2. A rise in clans promoting racial segregation due to societal strains.
  3. Fraudulent methods used by white democrats regaining control leading up to Jim Crow era commencing racial segregation till Civil Rights Movement took charge later in mid-20th century.

In addition, teacher-prepared notes help streamline complex narratives for students while boosting their note-taking skills (Marzano et al., 2001).

Flexibility in Teaching Approach:

With multiple file types, including teacher versions and student fill-in-the-blank ones paired with illustrative clipart (credit: Prince Padania), this resource provides flexibility for educators – suitable for large group discussions, small clusters, or homework assignments.

What's Included


Teacher version

Student version

Military zones map

Major amendments

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