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Red Rover, the Big Rainbow Eating Dog Gr. K-2

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About This Product

Red Rover, the Big Rainbow Eating Dog Gr. K-2

Red Rover, the Big Rainbow Eating Dog Gr. K-2 is a comprehensive Language Arts lesson plan resource, primarily focused on enhancing reading skills for Grade 1 learners, homeschool educators or virtual tutors.

The activities in this resource are designed around 'Red Rover', an excitingly vibrant character whose belly showcases his rainbow-colored diet!

  • Involves hands-on listening activities guiding students' focus to instructions/stories.
  • Reinforces color recognition through artful portrayals of fruits and vegetables.

Included Activities:

  1. Color Trees and Leaves
  2. Crayons in a Box
  3. ● Butterfly Wings ● Yummy Ice-Cream Cones ● Rainbow Rhyme ● Color Chants

Action-packed pursuits like Rainbow Sandpaper Prints, integrated storyboards with rebus chants aids auditory learning across diverse student behaviors.

This teaching module functions as an all-inclusive hub that can be utilized for either a single classroom setting or smaller groups based on class interactions. And it's compiled into one downloadable PDF!

If you want your language arts sessions sparkling in lively colors while being informative at once, then embrace Red Rover, The Big Rainbow-Eating Dog - a product ensuring actively engaged learning while simplifying lesson planning!

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