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"Responsibility" Character Traits Song

"Responsibility" Character Traits Song
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Many of our students love learning in a variety of ways and music is one of those! We can retain information better when we hear it through songs and visual videos. This is one reason we like to incorporate music in our learning environments. We don’t have to limit music to music class only for our students. In my store, you’ll find a wide array of music resources that students will love to learn from.


What You Get:


This is a music video for your elementary students. The title of this song is “Responsibility.” This is a song and video that will teach students about character and taking responsibility. This video provides explanations and many examples to support student learning.


You can implement this video at the introduction of teaching this character trait. The objective is for students to better understand how to be responsible and what it takes to have good character. This would be a song that I play multiple times for my students across the course of this unit. It is an MP4 file, so you can download it and have the option of embedding it into any slideshow you may be using for instruction.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 2 minute MP4 video

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