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Responsibility Google Slides SEL Lesson with Handouts

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About This Product

Responsibility Google Slides SEL Lesson with Handouts

Responsibility Google Slides SEL Lesson with Handouts is a resource specifically designed to guide students in Grades 2 through 5. This 8-slide interactive Google presentation elaborates on the concept of responsibility in diverse contexts. It explores the significance of responsibility at home, school, and in obligations toward others.

The product engages learners by challenging them to consider real-life responsibilities daily. Scenarios range from using crosswalks responsibly to cleaning up after pets, thereby teaching students about their various roles in maintaining shared spaces' safety and cleanliness.

Supplementary Tools

  • The School Responsibility Ladder - An activity that prompts students to write down their school responsibilities on a ladder diagram.
  • The Home Responsibility Ladder - Participating children can extend learnings into domestic spheres identifying home-based duties.

A unique part of this resource is its Pictionary or Charades game option involving actions tied-up with responsible behavior, making it enjoyable and educational simultaneously.

Versatility and Flexibility

This package caters effectively whether used for individuals or group activities—allowing whole classes to join simultaneously; alternatively working in pairs may help build stronger peer relations around social conducts—a valuable skill for SEN/SEL engagement! The lessons provided as easy-to-share Google Slide files are useful during remote learning circumstances as well. To summarize, the well put together 'Responsibility Google Slides SEL Lesson with Handouts' makes it an essential addition for educators striving towards nurturing responsible citizens for tomorrow's world!

What's Included

An 8-slide Google slideshow, 2 handouts, and 26 responsibility scenarios.

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Responsibility SEL Google Slides Handouts Classroom Activities

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