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SEL Boom Deck-Groups Versus Cliques

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About This Product

In this product, you will get an SEL Boom Deck about learning the differences between groups of friends and cliques. This is an important concept for students to learn. They will unpack the different behaviors that cause others to feel included versus excluded. There are 25 task cards and 5 introduction/education cards. You can play this Boom Deck as a whole classroom lesson, assign to students individually, give to students in partnerships or groups to work on, and/or assign for homework. There is a PDF you will download first. Then click on the image on the page and this will lead you to the Boom Deck. Some of the excluding examples covered in this Boom Deck are; someone inviting the class to a birthday party except for one person, someone saying only people who wear certain types of clothes can join the group, someone ignoring someone else when they are talking, someone letting a classmate join a recess game but he does not get passed to at all during the game, a couple of friends decide to wear the same clothes to school-leaving a friend out. Some of the including examples are; a classmate encouraging another classmate to sit with the group at lunch, a classmate noticing someone does not have a partner and invites them to join their partnership, a friend notices someone overhear them talking to other friends about a playdate and says he will ask him mom if he can also join, a friend waiting for a girl in a wheelchair and putting her first over getting to recess sooner, a teammate invites the whole team over to a BBQ and does not leave anyone out, and a person notices a new neighbor in the neighborhood and invites him to play with his friends on the trampoline. You can point out on each card how the person feels after a certain action or behavior.

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