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Friendly Versus Unfriendly Behaviors SEL Sorting Activity

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About This Product

Friendly Versus Unfriendly Behaviors SEL Sorting Activity

In this product, students will sort friendly versus unfriendly behaviors. You can have students do this independently, with a partner/group, or laminate for repeated use in a Center's activity. There is no reading required. This is a great follow-up activity to your favorite friendship or friendly behavior story.

This is a great resource for social-emotional learning, as a sorting activity, to increase social skills and friendly behaviors, etc.

The Suggested Directions include:

1. Read a story about being friendly to others. Some good stories are How To Be A Friend by Marc Brown or a A Little Spot Makes Friends by Diane Alber-or any of your favorite friend books or books about being friendly towards others.

2. Print off all 4 pages to each student, partnership or group. This can also be used for a Center’s activity.

3. If going to use over and over, laminate cards and sorting sheets.

4. Instruct them to look at the pictures and decide which is showing friendly behaviors and which is not showing friendly behaviors. 5. They will cut out the pictures and glue to the correct page (either Friendly or Unfriendly).

What's Included

2 Sorting sheets, 16 pictures to sort.

Resource Tags

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