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SEL Boom Deck-Traffic Light Feelings With Audio

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In this SEL Boom Deck, there are 24 playing task cards with audio so there is no reading required. There are also 7 informational cards with audio as well. Students will learn about traffic light feelings. There are different intensity levels of feelings and each one is a certain color. For example, red means stop-this is when one is feeling angry, unsafe, really upset or scared. Yellow means slow down; feelings associated with yellow are worried, silly, excited, distracted in class and frustrated. Green means go-the feelings associated with green are happy, calm, proud, and focused. Students will click on either the red, yellow or green light image at the bottom of every page. There is a prompt to have students share what strategies can be used if someone is red or yellow and need to calm down. Some of the examples given in the Boom Deck are; Adam was nervous about the first day of school, Yani was frustrated that his friend was not playing by the rules, Sam knocked down his tower because he was upset about not having more red blocks, Julie was happy it was yoga day in P.E. today, Chase was super scared about the shadow of the cactus, Gigi felt grateful for her birthday present, Evan was super excited it was carnival day at school, Pari was feeling scared about the thunder and lightening, and many more child relatable scenarios.

This lesson can be used for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. This lesson will help students self-regulate by encouraging them to identify and manage those strong feelings many students (and adults) have throughout the day. This Boom Deck is a great extension activity after my other lesson on traffic light feelings here:

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