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Self-Referral Forms For School Social Workers And School Counselors

An educational teaching resource from Counseling Chaos entitled Self-Referral Forms For School Social Workers And School Counselors downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

This Self-Referral Counseling Slips are the best resource to have as a school counselor! This resource allows students to reserve a time to speak with you when they feel as though they need it.

These referral counseling slips is a great back to school counseling resource that can be easily implemented. Simply print a bulk of forms and pass them out to teachers at the beginning of the year. They can placed in classrooms so when students feel as though they want to meet with the counselor, they easily can!

Benefits of Self Referral Counseling Slips:

  • Allows you to track all kids that you see

  • Helps with case notes at the end of the day

  • Helps to establish a baseline of needs that students might have

  • Can be used to implement push-in curriculum as a tier 1 support (if you see a lot of friendship related referrals, you know that this might be a need).

  • Helps to better manage your schedule while still maintaining flexibility

  • Helps to identify students who might need individual extra SEL support

When utilizing this activity, students will be able to advocate for themselves when they feel as though something is wrong, begin to identify when they need outside support, and form relationships with trusted adults!

Ideas For Use in Implementation:

⭐ Back To School Resource Packets

⭐ Open Houses

⭐ Meet the Teacher Nights

⭐ Push-In Lessons for tier 1 support

What's Included


⭐ 1 Referral page split with 2 referrals

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