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Snowflakes Themed Feelings Puzzle-- Holiday Matching Activity For Emot

Snowflakes Themed Feelings Puzzle-- Holiday Matching Activity For Emot
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About This Product

Snowflakes Themed Feelings Puzzle

The Snowflakes Themed Feelings Puzzle is a seasonal and interactive teaching resource crafted with the intent of helping early learners understand their various emotions. It features a holiday-themed design, each puzzle showcasing expressive snowflake characters that encapsulate 12 different emotional states.

Unique Sets for Engagement

This tool provides learners with two unique sets for several types of engagement:
- The first set displays both faces and corresponding emotions – perfect for beginners just starting to explore the world of feelings.
- The second set encourages students to match similar feeling faces, thereby challenging them to associate expressions without contextual clues.

Promoting Learning through Play

Understanding the importance of play-based activities in grasping concepts at an early age, these puzzles promote experiential learning while also assessing comprehension and retention levels. They assist teachers in analyzing student growth by revealing how many emotions pupils can identify independently.

Synergy with Emotional Social Story

Children's cognition is enhanced when this tool is used in conjunction with an accompanying emotional social story. This creates an educational synergy that deepens understanding about various feelings.

Diverse Features
  • 24 items: including 12 unique snowflake characters portraying varied moods along with another dozen presenting those same expressions ready for matching.
  • Bold Colours & Printer-Friendly Formats: These engaging puzzles come rendered in bold colours as well as printer-friendly black & white formats catering classroom adaptability needs.
Educational Integration & Adaptability

Catering sensitive learning stimuli required at different ages (Early Learning through Grade 1), these materials seamlessly blend into various academic settings - from individual lessons to small group exercises, all aimed at instilling life skills or reinforcing social-emotional learning themes.


Snowflakes Themed Feelings Puzzles serve more than mere distractions or diversions; they function as timely teaching aids enhancing general curriculums by integrating key social-emotional cues into everyday subjects. Delivered as printable PDFs files, these puzzles are handy for educators everywhere - from traditional classrooms teachers looking ways to enliven end-of-year schedules to homeschooling parents seeking age-appropriate resources during the holiday season.

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