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Social Skills Mini Stories | Set 1

Social Skills Mini Stories | Set 1
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About This Product

Do your little learners need reminders, or even explicit teaching of social skills? Social Skills Stories are a great way to teach students skills that are challenging for them, in a direct, explicit way. These Social Skills Story MINIS are short and sweet and just the right size for little hands.

What's Included

Included Please Find 44 Pages:

> Detailed Instructions

> Story 1: I Will Not Hit Or Push

> Story 2: I Can Follow Directions

> Story 3: I Can Use A Talking Voice

> Story 4: I Can Pay Attention

> Story 5: I Can Be A Good Friend

> Story 6: I Can Be Flexible

> Story 7: I Can Use Good Personal Space

> Story 8: I Can Raise My Hand In School

> Story 9: I Can Clean Up My Mess

> Story 10: I Can Say, "I'm Sorry"

> All Stories Come in Color and In Black and White

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