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Social Skills Story and Activity | When Small Problems Come My Way

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Social Skills Story and Activity: When Small Problems Come My Way

This comprehensive teaching aid is designed for educators aiming to instill valuable social skills in kindergarten through third-grade students. This unique resource simplifies complex scenarios into approachable steps for children dealing with minor issues.

What makes this learning resource special?
  • The theoretical knowledge is complimented by skill-building activities, allowing learners to apply the information more effectively.
  • It primarily addresses small complications that children can either solve independently or are trivial enough to overlook—equipping them with tools to react appropriately.
  • The resource aids youngster tendencies of overly reacting, encouraging them towards problem-solving instead of over-reliance on adults.

The all-embracing learning kit includes:

  1. Five Unique Covers: Each representing diverse characters—two different boys, two varying girls and a group of kids—illustrating their methods of handling 'small' problems.
  2. 36 Comprehensive Pages: Providing extensive content from the unique covers that portray various scenarios and solutions.
  3. Skill Builder Activity Section:b Includes 'Small Problem' and ‘No Problem’ Scenario Cards prompting learners towards critical thinking about solution deployment or when it might be best just simply move on. An ideal companion for your classroom instruction, individual assignments, small group settings or homeschooling curriculum!

    Note: This digital resource comes in PDF format with options both full-color version—for captivating classroom discussions—and black-and-white version—that functions as an engaging coloring book counterpart ensuring personalized home-practice!

What's Included

Included, Please Find: 35 Pages

Choice of 5 Covers {2 Different Girls, 2 Different Boys, Group of Kids}

Social Skills Story: Color Version, Great For Classroom Use

Coloring Book Companion: Black and White Social Skills Story, Great For Kids To Color In And To Send Home For Generalization

Skill Builder Activity: Small Problem and "No Problem" Scenario Cards

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