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Sometimes I Feel Video Storybook

Sometimes I Feel Video Storybook
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About This Product

Sometimes I Feel Video Storybook

Designed for young learners at the early learning, kindergarten, first grade, and preschool levels, 'Sometimes I Feel' is a video storybook that caters to the dynamic environment of educators. This eBook format product facilitates understanding and discussions about emotions through its simple yet engaging content.

The Essence of this Resource
  • Emotion Exploration: The resource employs endearing illustrations and easy-to-understand sentences to exhibit a gamut of feelings such as happiness, sadness, silliness or anger. This encourages children to identify and understand diverse emotions.
  • Diverse Applications: As an MP4 video storybook it is versatile enough be used in group teaching sessions or solo learning assignments. The digital nature allows constant accessibility for students enhancing their independent study skills.
  • Cross-Cultural Exposure: 'Sometimes I Feel' integrates Spanish words & phrases within its content offering immersion in bilingual education without overwhelming young minds.
In Today's Context

This tool becomes increasingly significant with the growing focus on social-emotional development alongside traditional academics. Its usability is universal - whether you're making strides towards inclusive pedagogics in public schools or aiming at holistic growth during homeschooling sessions.

The Goal: Molding Emotionally Balanced Individuals

'Sometimes I Feel', thus not only supplements academic learning but also instills emotional comprehension & empathy among kids from an early stage - one critical step towards shaping balanced individuals of tomorrow!

What's Included

1 MP4 video storybook for Sometimes I Feel

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