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Spanish Carnival Lesson

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

If you are able to present a variety of topics to your Spanish classroom, this is a great one to tie into your units!


Included in this resource are a 23-slide Google Slideshow and a 7-page PDF.


This resource is a Carnivals Around the World Spanish Lesson that was designed to give your students the opportunity to complete the following objectives:

Know carnival vocabulary

Make descriptions

Learn the verbs: have fun, move, and dare

Talk about a carnival or party.

Read about the Tilcara carnival.

Answer reading comprehension questions.

Learn useful phrases related to carnival.


The PDF is broken into 3 sections:

1. Warm up activity – Match the words with the corresponding photo.

2. Reading activity – Students will read about the Carnival of Tilcara.

3. Reading comprehension – Students will answer questions about the text.

4. Homework – Students will write a paragraph about a carnival and use at least 5 words that they learned in this unit.


The Slideshow is broken down in a similar fashion:

1. Begins with a vocabulary + definition matchup (answer key included)

2. Lecture on a variety of different carnivals

3. Comprehension questions (w/ answer key)

4. True or False Activity

5. Verbs Activity + Conjugating Verbs Chart (w/ answer key)

6. Carnival Phrases Activities


Each of these activities can be completed as a whole group. They are also appropriate to assign to students and allow them to complete them independently and digitally.


This is a lesson designed for your high school Spanish students.


Here is a link to a similar resource in my store:


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What's Included

A 7 page printable PDF

A 23-slide Google Slideshow

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