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Spanish: Cuando crezca Audio Book

Spanish: Cuando crezca Audio Book
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Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Product Name: Spanish: Cuando crezca Audio Book

An innovative, vibrant, and interactive audio book teaching tool designed to foster young students' curiosity about various professions while honing their English language skills. Our product is tailored for preschool and first-grade students, acting as a solid supplement for lessons in world languages with an emphasis on Spanish.

About the Audiobook

In "Cuando crezca", our young listeners will dive into an imaginative world where they follow a seven-year-old boy pondering what profession he should take up when he grows up. The choices range from being a doctor, or dentist, to even becoming a notable baseball player - the possibilities seem unlimited!

Small print: "Our charming protagonist's endearing indecisiveness underlines that it is okay not to know which profession one wants to pursue at such young age."

Educational Implementation

This educational asset can be easily integrated into group sessions sparking conversations about career possibilities while reinforcing Spanish vocabulary. It can also be utilized beneficially in small group activities focusing on learning global languages.

  • Main inclusion: Single MP3 file of 'Cuando crezca'
  • Meticulously crafted for easy access and seamless integration into classrooms or home-based learning environments complemented with technology-assisted strategies.
In Summary:
The multifaceted nature of the Spanish: Cuando crezca Audio Book fosters both language developmental skills and career exploration using an accessible story-telling medium brimming with childlike positivity.

What's Included

1 MP3 file for Cuando crezca

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