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Into Space: Blast Off Audio Book

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About This Product

Product Overview: Into Space: Blast Off Audio Book

A valuable teaching resource primarily designed for the early education levels, from preschool to grade 7. Engages student's curiosity and enhances their knowledge about astronomy, a branch of science that focuses on celestial bodies and phenomena.

Benefits of Using an Audio Book as Teaching Aid:
  • Promotes efficiency in multiple learning settings
    • During whole group instruction periods
    • Within smaller teams focused on project-based learning exercises
  • Fosters self-learning and improves listening skills when used for independent study or homework assignment.
About the Content:

Lasts over three MP3 files encapsulated into one zip file, which chronicles mankind's exploration beyond Earth's borders with intriguing details surrounding prospective life in outer space. It discusses unique aspects such as experiencing weightlessness and delves into requirements one must fulfill to qualify as an astronaut.

Suggested by NASA itself! The Central Theme - "Into Space: Blast Off":

Fosters science literacy among young learners by merging compelling narratives with captivating sound designs which stirs up excitement among listeners while ensuring sustained attention.

"By integrating this product into your course plans not only would you bring about creativity but also evoke inherent passion towards understanding nature and instill a sense of responsibility towards preserving our cosmos.""

What's Included

1 zip file with three MP3's

Resource Tags

audio book space exploration astronomy NASA endorsement science literacy

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