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Spanish: Levántate y Brilla eBook

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Spanish Levántate y Brilla eBook: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

The Spanish Levántate y Brilla eBook is a comprehensive teaching resource designed specifically to introduce young Spanish-speaking students to an important lesson from the Old Testament. This resource provides an engaging and effective way to incorporate religious life studies into preschool, kindergarten, or grade 1 curriculums.

Content & Learning Tools

The content of the eBook features simple text supported by charming illustrations that vividly retell the story of Noah building his ark at God's command. Children can relate with Noah's obedience and celebrate God's faithfulness as they discover how the ark eventually touches down on dry land after the great flood.

  • Digital Format: The material is delivered digitally as a zip file containing both book and audio elements offering versatility for various teaching methods whether in group environments or individual study.

Bible Stories Series

This eBook forms part of our broader Bible Stories Series which includes titles such as:

  • 'En el Principio'
  • Noé y el Arca,
  • 'De Dos en Dos',
  • Jonás y la Ballena,
  • Daniel y la Guardia del León, and more!
A Summary :

In summary, the Spanish Levántate Y Brilla eBook serves as tool for imparting foundational biblical stories through delightful illustrations and easy-to-understand text targeting young native-Spanish readers. It holds significance not only for school teachers but also homeschoolers exploring integration of religious education within their curriculum.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

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Spanish Levántate y Brilla eBook Old Testament Bible Stories

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