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Spanish: ¡Sorpresa Festiva! eBook

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About This Product

Spanish: ¡Sorpresa Festiva! eBook: A Resource for Fun-Filled Academia

The Spanish: ¡Sorpresa Festiva! eBook is a vibrant teaching resource perfect for infants. It introduces new words associated with holiday festivities, significantly boosting intellect and language capabilities of preschool students at the early learning stage. This engaging book features charming black and white illustrations sprinkled generously with vibrant colors to capture the attention of young learners.

Highlight features:

  • The main elements in this eBook are simple illustrations such as gift, garland, cookie, tree, ornament, candy cane, bell, and stocking.
  • This versatile resource can be used within any educational arrangement - as a conversation starter during whole group reading sessions or in smaller groups where each child gets an opportunity to explain their interpretation of these playful illustrations.
  • An innovative option for reinforcing lessons learned through fun homework assignments that children can relate at home.
  • The theme-based design around Christmas ensures relevance that engages young minds effortlessly.
  • Digital format brings portability and refreshing additions to your library. Accompanying audio supports teaching accurate pronunciations together with written words for an immersive learning experience.


Consider exploring additional titles from this series like La Alegría de la Navidad (The Joy of Christmas), Diversión Del Invierno (Winter Fun), and Ya Viene Santa (Here Comes Santa) for interactive class sessions full of exciting academia.
*Product details:
The product is available as a PDF file inside 1 zip file, which contains both the book and the accompanying audio.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

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