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Story Elements

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Story Elements - An Engaging Teaching Resource

Story Elements is an engaging teaching resource that efficiently integrates the change of seasons with the development of students' writing abilities. With a charming autumn theme, this 24-page collection brims with creativity-stimulating elements that encourage students to delve into their imaginative landscapes.

The Components:

  1. Autumn Settings (place): Four pages providing a broad array of environments for tales to unfold within.

  2. Autumn Setting (time): Three more pages allowing students to set their narrative against various quasi-mystical autumnal time frames.

  3. Characters: Seven fascinating pages devoted to characters - some completely random while others are rooted in the intriguing essence of fall. This diverse mix prompts students in exploring varied personalities and personas vital to livening up any story.

  4. Plot Points, Events & Conflicts: Nine other pages specify plot points, events and conflicts—all cleverly tied back to the enchanting allure of autumn. The sheer variety caters aptly for every student's creative scope—either weaving together coherent narratives based around these prompts or embedding ingenious plot twists sprouting from these suggestions.

  5. A blank page possibly encourages educators or even proactive students themselves—if they fancy—to draft additional setting variations or mold new characters or exciting narrative arcs—an exercise fostering creative independence.

This resource's consummate flexibility also shines through—it can be effectively disseminated as whole group work-materials or broken down for small group-related activities. It can even serve as an innovative twist on homework assignments stimulating children's imagination outside classroom confines properly.

Taking into account teachers concerned about differentiating instruction—they would find this invaluable too—simply plan more related cards facilitating lesser challenge levels—seamlessly addressing every student's unique learning pace without sacrificing engagement quality.


The resource comes in a PDF format. Easy-to-print-and-cut-up factor coupled with its potential reusability year after year. Handy tip: reproduce each element on different colored paper—streamlining the organizing and collecting process!

Crafted with a deep understanding of educators' needs and student learning peculiarities.

Story Elements blends seasonal charm, comprehensive creative writing triggers, and instruction differentiation options into an effective tool for Grade 3 to Grade 6 Language Arts curriculum.

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