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Story of Stuff (2007): Complete Video Guide & Processing Activity

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

The Story of Stuff (2007): Complete Video Guide & Processing Activity

This comprehensive teaching resource provides a thorough breakdown of an impactful documentary that critically evaluates the lifecycle of consumer goods. This film shines a spotlight on environmental and social impacts resulting from our economic models of production and consumption.

Insights into Modern Linear Systems

The film explores the linear system, in which raw materials are turned into goods, used, and finally discarded as waste. It raises awareness around alarming issues including pollution, deforestation, and depletion of natural resources connected to this prevalent system. Furthermore, it delves into social costs such as workplace exploitation and usage of hazardous chemicals throughout production process.

Systemic Sustainability: A Question Mark?

In 'Story of Stuff', sustainability is questioned while advocating for a transition to more equitable systems. The film concludes on an optimistic note emphasizing conscious consumption and urging support for policies that promote sustainability alongside social justice. The role communities play in initiating change is also underscored.

An engaging Teaching Resource: Grades 6-10
  • This resource encourages students from Grade 6 through Grade 10 to contemplate their environmental footprint by reconsidering their consumer habits.
Inclusive Learning Approach:
  1. A visually appealing guide that simplifies student engagement during Earth Sciences or Environmental Science lessons - applicable for whole class discussions or small focus groups; it can also be assigned effortlessly as homework due to its straightforward format.
Complete with Teacher Key & Reference Chart :
  • This guide includes a teacher key for facilitation during interactive sessions along with stimulating scientific discussions amongst students.
  • The package comes with a material economy reference chart for easier understanding of economic transactions involving material goods, thereby making comprehension easy regardless of science proficiency levels among learners.
Educator and Student Version Available:

This package includes versions for both the teacher and student. This ensures a seamless blend of information source and processing activity to study. An intensive introductory reading further provides educators with the necessary background information - truly proving itself as an invaluable tool in making Environmental Science engaging and approachable!

What's Included


Teacher version

Student version

Introductory reading

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