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Summer Color by Number Code Addition to 10 and 20 Math Worksheets

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Summer Color by Number Code Addition to 10 and 20 Math Worksheets

This educational resource provides a seamless union of education and entertainment for your students during summer days, making sure that learning doesn't go on a vacation!

The set consists of engaging addition problems partnered with vibrant, eye-catching coloring pages that are themed around all things summer.

Versatile Usage:

  • Effective in various teaching scenarios - from classrooms to private tuition sessions.
  • Ideal for activities such as group work, morning work or homework assignments.
  • A fun engagement option for early finishers.
  • An excellent resource for homeschooling.

No Prerequisite Requirement:

This is an exciting feature loved by educators because it allows immediate implementation!

Dual Benefit:

Coupling math problems with delightful coloring activities ensure pupils find them enticing while their mathematical skills are enhanced simultaneously.

All-inclusive Package:

  • The bundle includes separate sets focusing on addition up to the number 10 and from numbers 10-20 - catering well to varying student aptitude levels within your class.
  • Included in this resource package are color-coded answer keys ensuring easy result verification.
    In conclusion... Not just aligning well with mathematical conceptual understanding but also sharpening creative instincts – all while keeping students meaningfully engaged throughout the summer season. A tailor-made comprehensive package recognizing educator prerogatives thereby aiming towards simplifying life both inside & outside classrooms!
  • What's Included

    Download includes

    ⭐4 math coloring sheets with addition to 10 facts

    ⭐4 math coloring sheets with addition sums 10-20

    ⭐color coded at a glance answer keys

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    color by number addition math worksheets summer education

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