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Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers: Vowel Pairs

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

The Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers: Vowel Pairs

The Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers: Vowel Pairs is a unique teaching resource designed to focus on different phonics patterns. This learning material provides a comprehensive understanding of vowel pairs, including digraphs, diphthongs, and r-influenced vowels. The key part of this series is its emphasis on building automatic recognition of various patterns.

How it Works:

Each reader from this collection allows children to engage with words that highlight the featured vowel pair pattern. This leads to improved fluency. An interesting aspect is that these booklets are printable along with tiles that aid in pattern detection.
Example: When working with 'ea,' children practice blending consonant sounds along with the long e sound - like for words such as seal, feast, meat, cream, beans etc.

Captivating Stories & Illustrations:

The fascinating stories complemented by captivating illustrations encourage children not just to read but also foster excitement towards reading.

What the Package Contains:

  • A PDF containing 73 ready-to-print pages for immediate use without any additional preparation.
  • Easily printable guidebook for parents or teachers interacting closely with kids aimed at boosting reading competence.

This product can fit into diverse teaching environments like whole group discussions or small group activities at school or even as part of homework assignments. It seamlessly fits into kindergarten through Grade 2 Language Arts curricula particularly targeting phonics sub-subject area.

"Explore patterns more captivatingly promotes language arts proficiency." - So why not give The Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers: Vowel Pairs a try?

What's Included

1 PDF with 73 ready to print pages

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Tales and Tiles phonics readers vowel pairs sight words literacy stations

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