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Thankful for You Teacher Notes

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About This Product

The holiday season is always a special time that we get to share with our students! From holiday to holiday, we get to teach them more about the holiday while spreading love and kindness as we celebrate together. A special holiday that holds so many valuable lessons is Thanksgiving. We get to especially focus on thankfulness and gratitude during this holiday season. If you are looking for ways to implement gratitude activities, here is a resource that will meet your needs and tie in some academics at the same time.

What You Get:

This is a set of Thankful for You Teacher Notes that are designed for the teacher and meant for students. There are 5 printable pages. Cards are printed 2 per page or 4 per page.

How To Implement the Thankful for You Teacher Notes:

This beautiful template has 2 different versions - one with writing lines and one without. The template features a Thanksgiving turkey printed on top of a polka dot background. You will have a red, green, yellow, and blue option.

The half page template features writing lines with the sentence frame "Your teacher is thankful for you because..."

The templates that are 4 per page do not feature writing lines.

These cards could be print on card stock for added durability.

I hope you enjoy!

What's Included

1 PDF with 5 usable pages - printed in color

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