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Thanksgiving Gratitude Booklet

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The holiday season is always a time to cherish in our classrooms. not only do we get to teach students more about the holidays, but we also get to share the love and cheer with them. One holiday that is especially full of love and lessons is Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that gives us time to be reflective and thankful for many things. As teachers, we can spread this message to our students.


This is a Thanksgiving Gratitude Booklet that can be completed by 2nd grade students and older. Each page is complete with a different writing task, so as long as your students have mastered writing skills, they are able to enjoy this activity.


For the teacher: Print the booklet pages back to back. The pages should be cut on the dotted lines and around the tabs. Put the pages in order and staple. It would be best to staple in one corner or at the top of the booklet. Stapling on the sides will cut off part of the project. Once the book is properly assembled, students will be able to work from page to page.


The pages are as follows:

My School

Where I Live





This is great for independent work, but students may also enjoy discussing pages with a partner before formulating their individual reflections.


An answer key is not included, as these are reflective writing pieces.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 7 page printable PDF

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