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The Spheres of the Earth Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Spheres of the Earth Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready

Providing a comprehensive learning platform for Grade 6, 7, 8, or 9 science classes with special emphasis on environmental science, this resource aids in making teaching easier and learning more engaging for students.

The package comprises:

  • Teacher's and student's versions of the lesson
  • A video worksheet centered around a Bill Nye video
  • Answer keys
  • A four-question exit ticket to gauge understanding at the end of every lesson.

This educational tool is uniquely designed to accommodate both traditional classroom teachings as well as distance learning. It includes an integrated link that saves copies of the resources directly into your Google Drive with one click!

Ease of Use across Instruction Types:

Whether it's a whole group instruction, small groups discussion sessions or solo homework assignments,- this resource eases implementation while ensuring consistency in results across educational environments.

The Core Topics Covered are:
  1. The Atmosphere

  2. Lithosphere
  3. .
  4. Hydrosphere
  5. .
  6. Biosphere
  7. .

In contrast with traditional textbooks that limit themselves to theoretical knowledge presentation; these slides enthuse critical thinking among students and motivate active class participation.

Fully Compatible File Types:

All purchases support multiple file types be it Word documents or Google Doc versions eliminating issues regardless of geographical location or available equipment- helping you guarantee an efficient education every time.

Your purchase also includes additional Google Forms that allow you to customise Exit Tickets in alignment with varied classroom expectations - bridging the gap between your goals and execution.

Added Bonus:

A complimentary additional activity is included within this resource to further extend student learning and understanding making it more than its face value!

In Conclusion

With the effective use of this product, educators can enhance their teaching efficiency while gifting students a modern, digitally-enabled environment. The Spheres of Earth Lesson is perfect for refreshing classrooms and optimising home-schooling routines.

What's Included

In Order, the Lesson Covers:

- What are the Spheres of the Earth?

- The Atmosphere

- The Lithosphere

- The Hydrosphere

- The Biosphere

Included in the Lesson Package is:

- The teacher version of the lesson

- The student version of the lesson

- Google versions of all files

- Bill Nye Video worksheet (includes answer key)

- Student lesson handout

- 4-question Exit Ticket

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Earth's Spheres Environmental Science Interactive Learning Distance Learning Google Slides

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