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"The US in a Globalizing World", Online Unit Access, US History

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History: USA


Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The U.S. in a Globalizing World, Online Unit Access, U.S. History

This product provides unique coding for streamlined access to an interactive unit within the online classroom at It is tailored towards learners studying U.S. history and government, simplifying education.

Interactive Learning & Teaching Capabilities

Teachers are empowered with ready access to auto-correcting tasks that include short-answer queries marked by the AI grading system on our platform. The digital nature of our content ensures an interactive learning opportunity perfect for individual work, group assignments or home-based tasks. This fits seamlessly into a flipped classroom model.

Adaptability & Sustainability

This resource is tailored under the New York State Frameworks curriculum primarily for eleventh graders studying United States History and Government but can be adapted easily from grade level 7-12 depending upon your state's syllabus coverage of US history.

Note: Lacking printable materials promotes sustainability and boosts learners' digital literacy - an important skill in today's tech-reliant world.
  • Evaluation: Teachers can see students’ results instantly through screenshots or printed results posted by them.
  • Rich Media Content: Learners will engage with Etudes wherein questions are presented beside vibrant media elements like videos pulled from a well-rounded video lesson repository - promoting engagement and retention!


The comprehensive unit covers crucial topics such as:

  • - 20th-century Iraq,
  • - Persian Gulf War circumstances (both initial war & conflict post-9/11),
  • - Discussions around globalization,

...all tailored towards molding resilient, globally-aware citizens who understand international affairs.

Assessment Tools

  1. An initial quiz aimed at priming students for learning by activating prior knowledge;
  2. A more comprehensive post-learning test designed to capture conceptual comprehension within 11 minutes.

In a rapidly globalizing world, The U.S. in a Globalizing World, Online Unit Access, U.S History is the ideal teaching resource for coordinating engaging and up-to-date technology-based lessons that inform and inspire learners to think critically about world events.

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