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The Whipping Boy - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

The Whipping Boy - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

Teachers and homeschoolers will find immense value in this literature kit for students in grades 5 and 6, curated around the absorbing novel 'The Whipping Boy.' This often captivating tale reveals the transformation of a selfish, spoilt boy into a considerate friend.

Main Features:
  • Contextual Questions: This resource pack tests higher-order thinking skills and elicits thoughtful responses from students by engaging them with various intriguing questions about the context. Challenging students to imagine alternative story sequences, such as if Jemmy and Prince were found after their escape boosts creativity while promoting critical thinking.
  • Engaging Projects: There are exciting projects that prompt student involvement, like having them write a ransom note to the King in Jemmy's hand followed by predicting possible reactions of the King. Students will also be asked to create their personal coat-of-arms along with a brief description.
  • Vocabulary Development:A unique feature is vocabulary development where learners match words with definitions before crafting sentences that demonstrate meaningful understanding of each word.
  • Evolving Characters Organiser:A central feature involves an organiser that exhibits how Prince Brat evolved throughout the storyline before and after his adventurous journey. Teachers can use it effectively across whole group discussions or personalised instruction during small group sessions or as part of homework assignments.
Supplementary Activities & Resources:

In addition to these features, supplementary activities which include crossword puzzles, word search games and comprehension quizzes are included in this valuable kit along with an answer key provided for easy reference supporting educators at each stage.

Note about Use:

Focused on subjects such as language arts under its subcategory literature, this one-file PDF comes ready to serve as an all-encompassing companion guide pertinent with teaching The Whipping Boy novel at grade level appropriate instructions reflecting state standards alignment; ensuring teachers meet their core curriculum expectations while providing meaningful learning experiences for their students.

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