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Things That Begin With I

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About This Product

Things That Begin with I

Things That Begin with I is a teaching resource created for educators and homeschoolers. This creative package has been formulated specially for learners in early stages, including Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2. It presents an exciting approach to education by triggering the curiosity of young learners.

The heart of this tool lies in its hand-drawn and colored clip-art images that depict items starting with the letter 'I'. The product features nine precisely drafted illustrations such as:

  • Ice
  • Ice cream
  • Icicle
  • Igloo
  • Iguana
  • Ink
  • Insect
  • Iron
  • Island

The purpose of these illustrations is to promote alphabetic understanding through recognition of words in these early stages.

You may choose to invigorate your learning setup with colorful images or stimulate creativity among pupils by using black & white illustrations that children can color themselves. This is a fun approach to artistic development alongside learning.

About the product components:

  1. A ZIP file featuring:
    Full-color Illustrations: 
    These are high-resolution images at 300 DPI (dot per inch), ensuring noteworthy visual clarity. B/W versions:
    Fulfils coloring-in activities needs keeping them engaging for young learners. These too are high-resolution materials suitable for both on-screen view and print outs. Both color and B/W versions cater well across group settings or individual assignments allowing flexibility in implementation.

    Pedagogic Implementation Scopes:

    Whether implementing in a relaxed afternoon spelling game or as something exciting to take home, Things That Begin With I is an excellent tool that manages different types of learning requirements without causing any disruption.

    Beyond Classroom and Homework Uses:

    This versatile resource is potentially usable across various settings! You can use it from standard classroom instruction, small group activities to one-on-one teaching arrangements.
    Credit for this comprehensive tool dedicated towards nurturing learners is always appreciated but not mandatory. Make sure you check out "Things That Begin with I", your handy aid for letter recognition and vocabulary building!

What's Included

1 ZIP File

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