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TikTok Template (Editable on Google Slides)

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Social Skills

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About This Product

This TikTok template and presentation is an engaging writing activity. Best of all, this resource is available in both printable pdf format as well as a Google Slides editable format. This TikTok template allows students to add text and pictures to a “TikTok Template”. The template is locked, so your students can’t mistakenly move or delete the background. It comes with digital instructions for students to follow, a new video page, profile page and viewing a TikTok page. Everything a student would want to create their own TikTok. This is the best combination of TikTok templates for your students to use within your classroom.

Use this to:

  • Have your students discuss a character or setting in a novel

  • Focus on a historical person

  • Focus on a Geographic area

  • Use it in science and have your students record their information

When your students are finished, they can save a picture of their TikTok template.

What's Included

Tiktok template

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