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Time and Money

Time and Money
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Grade 3



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About This Product

Time and Money: A Grade 3 Teaching Resource

The Time and Money teaching resource is a valuable addition to any educator's toolbox. This Grade 3 focused material covers crucial concepts related to time and money.

Telling the Time

The course commences with an introduction to telling time. It aims at familiarizing students with recognizing time on both digital and analogue clocks,

  • Determining elapsed time,
  • Solving real-world problems,
  • Honing vocabulary such as "a.m", "p.m", "noon", etc.

Navigating Calendars

Leveraging the theme of periods, this material assists students in identifying:

  • Days of the week,
  • Noon, Months of the year,
  • The relationship between them, &
  • <
  • Rolled it onto reading calendar dates- opening up practical everyday scenarios for their application!

    About Currency & Decimals

    Moving from temporal matters to fiscal ones, students are exposed towards our standardized currency system:

      < li>Learners get starting-point about identifying denominations from penny upto half dollar coins, < li>Led then towards determining total monetary value using mixed group of these coins , taking it till summing upto $1.00. < li>We then move forward onto higher ground tackling how one can sum-up a dollar using change having various coin combinations ,treading ahead further more onto deciding diverse values based upon set conditions probably wrapping this part here.Meanwhile we keep introducing decimals and their day-to-day usage in putting down dollar sums. < p>Just to save the hassle of accessibility , our product comes as PDF file making it easier to work across different devices whether at home or school accordingly suiting your classroom model (remote or onsite) hence allowing variety in its application like for whole group classes, small interactive sessions or just making it a homework assignment!

      < h4>Conclusion < p>Critical Maths content is cleverly weaved into interesting learning activities which enhances understanding while concurrently facilitating retention amongst Grade 3 students. We make sure complex Mathematical concepts are turned into fun as well as favorable learning experiences!

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