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UG Word Family Word Wall Cards

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Practice reading UG words with these word family word wall cards. These cards make a great wall display for a phonics focused word wall as well as a reference resource within a writing center.

What is in this resource?

This resource includes word wall cards for the UG word family. This set contains both CVC and CCVC words in two different formats. On each card you will find an illustration which is representing an UG word that is written in large font for students to recognize and read easily. Students will be able to match the illustration with the UG word. There are two sets included in this resources, one with words on the cards in black letters and the other have the rime highlighted in red. This allows students to easily blend onset and rime to read each word.

How to use this resource:

  • This resource can be used as word wall cards.

  • This resource can be used as puzzles by cutting the picture from the word.

  • This resource can be used in a writing center as reference cards

  • This resource can be used as writing cards for a sand or salt tray

  • The cards can be used as flash cards

These cards can be easily differentiated, allowing students a variety of different activities to practice reading CVC words. Students can use these cards as a reference when writing stories, sentences, labeling pictures, or copying in a writing center. The colorful, easy to recognize images will help students with learning unfamiliar words.

Where to Use the UG word wall cards:

  • Word Wall

  • Morning Baskets

  • Small Groups

  • Literacy Center

  • Writing Center

Students may use these word wall cards individually, in pairs, or groups of students to practice the UG word family!

Skills Assessed with these Cards:

  • Reading UG words

  • Blending onset and rime

These word wall cards require little prep. Teachers simply need to print out the cards and cut them out. The same cards may be used as puzzles, though for this feature, you will need to cut the cards to separate the illustrations from their word. Additionally, for long-term use, all the cards may be laminated!

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CVC Words Word Wall Cards CVC Puzzles Writing Center Reading Center Sand Tray Cards UG Words UG Word Family

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