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Understanding Personal Space, Social Skills Story and Activities


Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Stories are a great way to teach children skills that they are finding challenging. Social Skills Stories & Activities use explicit language to break skills down into small, manageable steps, teaching children what they should  and should not do, in a specific social situations and concepts such as understanding personal space.

The perspective taking skill of being able to consider other's personal space can be difficult for some children. This important social skill sometimes needs to be taught explicitly, to help children be more successful at making and keeping friends as well as having positive social interactions with all. 

Do you have students who struggle to keep Good Personal Space?

This Social Skills Story & Activities resource will help children who have difficulty understanding and keeping, good personal space. 

The story will teach your students:

> What good personal space is

> Why it is important to respect personal space

> How to keep 'good personal space'

What's Included

Included Please Find: 56 Pages

> Story: Color Story, Great For Classroom Use

> Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Social Story, Great To Have Students Color In While Reading and/or To Send Home For Generalization

> Skill Builder Activity: Personal Space Scenario Cards

> Skill Builder Activity: Comprehension Check

> Visual Support Posters: Personal Space, Good Personal Space, Too Close

> Animated PowerPoint: Animated version of the story and skill builder activity

Resource Tags

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