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U.S. Government | Constitution | Political Cartoon Gallery Walk

An educational teaching resource from Learning is a Passion entitled U.S. Government | Constitution | Political Cartoon Gallery Walk downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The U.S. Government | Constitution | Political Cartoon Gallery Walk is an interactive, educational tool designed to engage students in a creative and intellectual exploration of the US Constitution. The focus is specifically on Articles 1-3, which cover the three branches of government.

This unique resource uses eight different political cartoons to immerse students in understanding socio-political nuances and constitutional interpretations.


  • Classrooms are transformed into spaces reminiscent of museum exhibits.
  • The classroom becomes a gallery walk where each exhibit contains a political cartoon related to specific articles or sections within the US Constitution for analysis using provided prompts.
  • Active learning techniques allow for movement while stimulating intellectual discussion and interpretation among peers.

Comprehension Enhancement:

To cater to differing student abilities there are two levels of Answer Cards provided. This versatile teaching tool can be adapted based on your class's needs.

Creative Activity:

Beyond core activities - Students can also create captions or thought-bubble dialogues for one character in each cartoon, showcasing their comprehension creatively!

Bonus Warm-Up Task & Exit Card Activity:
  • An optional warm-up task makes use of an online infographic with corresponding questions/discussions as starters.
  • An exit card activity encourages learners to design their own political cartoons— promoting expression, creativity and assessment while improving understanding simultaneously.
In Conclusion:

This dynamic pedagogical scaffolding offers varied approaches ranging from whole-class discussions to small-group analyses up until individual assessments through homework assignments—it adapts as you teach! It embraces individuality while fostering collaborative exploration— equipping grade 9-12 educators effectively across social studies subjects focused on government content - making constitutional studies more engaging than ever before!

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