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U.S. Government: Gallery Walk of Executive Branch and President's Role

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About This Product

In this lesson on the US Government: Executive Branch (both Google and Traditional versions are provided), your students will partake in a Gallery Walk activity exploring the multiple "hats" (roles) the US president assumes in the course of his/her duties.

The roles explored in this U.S. Government: Gallery Walk of Executive Branch and President's Role include: Commander in Chief, Chief Diplomat, Chief of State, Chief of Party, Chief Citizen, Chief Executive, Chief Legislator, and Chief Administrator.

A Gallery Walk activity involves students examining various exhibits akin to a museum, which you place around the classroom. This activity is a dynamic way to present information and encourages physical movement in a structured manner – a refreshing change from conventional lectures!

This product includes all necessary Museum Exhibits and corresponding student sheets!

**Includes a GOOGLE and Traditional version for your use!

About: Learning is a Passion Store - I have taught 6th-12th grade during my 20 year teaching career. I prefer to use lessons in my teaching practice that allow my students to become facilitators and active participants in their own learning rather than merely an audience of "my show". I love to create hands- on, interactive activities that really engage my students in the learning process.

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