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U.S. President John Adams Research Project

An educational teaching resource from Life Beyond the Gradebook entitled U.S. President John Adams Research Project downloadable at Teach Simple.
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History: USA


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

This resource is the perfect way to scaffold a research project on the United States president. This research project is on John Adams.

In this resource, students will use a flip book to research and take notes on John Adams. The flip book is easy to copy and assemble and doesn't take any additional prep time. Just print and go!

⭐️ To see these research flip books in action, check out a video of my John Quincy Adams flip book here.

This resource is available as a printable PDF and as a digital resource using Google Slides. Google Slides can be downloaded as a PowerPoint for Microsoft users.

Research Topics Covered:

  • Early Life

  • Childhood

  • Family

  • Children

  • Early Career

  • Accomplishments

  • Years of Presidency

  • Name of Vice President

  • Challenges Faced During Presidency

This unit includes:

  • 7 Page Flip Book to Take Notes & Research

  • Informational Passage on the President's Life

  • Revising & Editing Checklist

  • Revising & Editing Reflection

  • Peer Feedback Checklist

  • Peer Feedback Reflection

  • Teacher Feedback Sheet

  • Rubric

  • Publishing Paper

  • Portrait Paper

Benefits of Using this Resource:

  • No prep! Just copy the link and go!

  • Student ownership

  • Easy to differentiate

Looking for another president? Check out the US Presidents Research Report Bundle.


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What's Included

33 printable pages in PDF Format

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