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U.S. States Project-Based Learning (Quilt Research Project and Craft)

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About This Product

U.S. States Project-Based Learning (Quilt Research Project and Craft)

As an ideal asset for educators, this dynamic teaching resource brings creativity into learning, encompassing subjects from Social Studies to Science, Language Arts, and more.

Suitable Grades:

This teaching resource is designed for students in Grade 3 through Grade 5.

About the project:

The project involves researching information about each state - its symbols, history, geography, climate & seasons, attractions and more - then crafting that information into a personalized quilt square design. It can focus on either one specific region or all fifty states at once.

  • "It isn't just about Geography or History"
  • Bio-sketches of significant personalities are included in the study material.
  • Zoology and botany come to play when studying state animals & flowers respectively.
  • The approach emphasizes improving writing & spelling skills as well.
Promoting Creativity through Quilt Squares:
  1. The U.S State Topic Quilt Squares themselves are varied – ranging from looking at a topographical layout of geography through regional flora and fauna along with notable individuals related with the particular state being studied.

  2. The quilt concept adds an intriguing Art component where children can take pride in creating unique visual representations of what they've learned;

  3. This approach to teaching stimulates student engagement like no other – it works excellently as a collective group assignment promoting collaborative exploration;

  4. For Example: Teachers can get creative by formulating different scenarios such as assigning one topic per student enabling them craft a comprehensive class quilt giving everyone involved a holistic image of US states.

  • Can also be implemented as homework assignments for independent research abilities;
  • Possibility to be incorporated within centers-based rotation classes inducing peer mentoring environments.


  • A charming decorative piece for classrooms once the project concludes serving as an instant reference tool of pride for students;
  • Resource includes 258 PDF pages,

    • Detailed teacher instructions; and

    • 17 distinct quilt square designs surrounding 14 U.S. state topics.

This isn’t just about an engaging and knowledge-enriching experience but also includes elements of joy-filled crafting sessions leaving students curious to learn more.

What's Included

258 PDF pages

Teacher instructions

17 quilt square designs

14 U.S. state topics

Resource Tags

Project-based learning Quilt research Cross-curricular US states Creativity

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