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Matter | States of Matter Unit

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Basic Science


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Matter | States of Matter Unit

Delve into the fascinating world of matter with this comprehensive and interactive unit designed specifically for grades 4 through 7. This resource-rich set is meticulously crafted to make science learning enjoyable, engaging, and educational. It covers fundamental aspects of states of matter and provides a balanced mix of text-driven deep learning ansd student-based research assignments.

The extensive bundle comes equipped with CLOSE Reading nonfiction passages on distinct subjects ranging from understanding what is matter, the constituents that make up the substance, to detailed study on varied states — everything pivotal to ensuring a rounded comprehension when it comes to teaching about matter. Detailed instructions and anchor charts are provided too if you're unfamiliar with CLOSE reading concept.

To better grasp evolving concepts, vocabulary cards accompanied by definitions fortify learners' lexicon while dealing with complex terms pertinent in readings about states of matter. Besides immersion in theory, sturdily built knowledge transformed into practical application forms the backbone marrow for true mastery over subject content; therefore this unit maintains a strong focus on activity-based learning.

An exhaustive States of Matter Research Report assignment incorporated within the package urges students not only to extend their understanding beyond classroom discussion but also cultivates essential skills in report writing for scientific studies at early grade levels itself.

To support individual learning trajectories & preferences and make instructions relatable & accessible across student subsets, an array of graphic organizers as well as activities has been integrated complementarily within this resource pack.

  • An immense utility for educators aiming towards progression from solely-anecdotal teaching module towards more interactive & participatory mode
  • Homeschoolers aiming at self-paced customized lessons using components individually or public school teachers looking out diversifying regular routine through small group activities or homework assignments centered around specific themes deriving from comprehensive list that dominates kit topics.

Actively engage your young scholars in their exploration providing opportunities where they extract content organically themselves rather than passively absorbing spoon-fed facts. Capture their intrigue & elevate your own ensemble of teaching tools with this streamlined and extensively researched Matter | States of Matter Unit today.

What's Included

This bundle contains the following elements:

• CLOSE reading nonfiction passages with illustrations:

1. Passage One - What is Matter

2. Passage Two - What Makes Up Matter

3. Passage Three - States of Matter

• Vocabulary cards with definitions for CLOSE reading passages

• CLOSE Reading Instructions PowerPoint (or handout) explaining the steps of

CLOSE Reading

• Anchor Charts for student annotation and Discussion Topics for CLOSE Reading

• “Text Dependent Questions”, to be used after all passages are read; this is

intended as a summative assessment, or practice in citing textual evidence and

giving examples from the reading of nonfiction text

• Common Core Essential questions (to be used after all passages are read, can

be used as a summative assessment or a performance task)

• Cognitive Content Dictionary (to be made into a “book” for student vocabulary

words, definitions, and pictures

• KWL Chart ( you can use this at the beginning of the unit to ascertain what they

may already know about the California Missions)

• Venn Diagram to compare and contrast similarities and differences.

• A Tree Map Graphic Organizer ( a grammar component for students to analyze

the words in the passages and their parts of speech)

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