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Valentine's Counting Through 20 Google Slides

Valentine's Counting Through 20 Google Slides
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Early Math


Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Valentine’s Counting Through 20 Google Slides

Valentine’s Counting Through 20 Google Slides, a delightful resource designed for educators, offers an interactive, hands-on approach to teaching early math concepts. Its primary focus is assisting students in learning to count objects ranging from one to twenty. This inventive resource merges the excitement of the Valentine's Day theme with practical learning tasks that are sure to spark student engagement.

About this Learning Tool:

Designed with much forethought, this digital math activity suits young learners specifically in Kindergarten and Grade 1. It also caters students participating in Special Ed programs or homeschooled settings. The concept involves students dragging and dropping images of candy into a beautifully illustrated candy jar.


  • The tool can be easily integrated during whole group instruction time for lively mathematical discussions.
  • Suits small group center activities exploring number understanding collectively.
  • The tool works well as individual work either during computer/math stations or remote learning sessions enhancing key counting skills outside the classroom setting.

User-Friendly Format:

This product comes in a user-friendly format - Google Slide- ensuring easy accessibility and adaptability across various digital devices while also supporting initiatives for paperless classrooms.

"Valentine's Counting Through 20 Google Slides" infuses the traditional counting lessons with thematic elements and interactivity into each slide making it a perfect tool for increasing student's interest levels into early math while celebrating fun holidays like Valentine's day." Gearing Up Towards Ensured Numeracy :

Overall, cultivating foundational numerical knowledge remains crucial at these formative stages, an enjoyable interactive tool like this can indeed be beneficial not just academically but also stimulate creativity within young minds.


  • Grades catered: Kindergarten & Preschool & First Grade
  • Subject targeted: Math
  • Type: Activities
  • Favoured File Format Type: Google Slide

What's Included

Google Slide for the activities.

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Valentine's Counting Hands-on Interactive Math activities

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