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Video Conferencing, Behaviors Cards and Animated PowerPoint

Video Conferencing, Behaviors Cards and Animated PowerPoint
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About This Product

Video Conferencing, Behaviors Cards and Animated PowerPoint: Enhancing Online Learning

This teaching resource is designed to augment the online learning experience for students. It's particularly beneficial for students with special needs, however it is also inclusive and well suited to all learners transitioning to online education.

Key behaviors for successful video conferencing

The ready-to-use set focuses on ten essential behaviors vital to a successful video conferencing experience. With interactive visual aids in the form of behavior cue cards, this tool successfully engages students whilst laying out clear expectations for an online class experience:

  • Maintaining focus on the computer screen.
  • Sitting at a desk or table.
  • Staying still when visible on camera.
  • Actively listening when others speak.
  • Thoughtfully engaging with course materials and peers' contributions.
  • Demonstrating patience during discussions by waiting one's turn.

Note:The cues emphasize making necessary restroom visits before class begins as a part of ensuring comfort during sessions. There are instructions promoting respect for others' speaking time by remaining quiet when not talking along with self-control techniques that help students remain calm and focused during classes. These guides also underscore how critical their active participation in discussions is through expecting appropriate responses from them too.

An engaging teaching toolkit - Cue Cards & Animated PowerPoint Presentation

This toolkit incorporates standalone cue cards in correspondence with an 11-page slide show presentation which mirrors these behavioral cues articulated above . The presentation explores these behavior guidelines through dynamic animations within an animated PowerPoint format allowing educators flexibility in delivery.

    You may implement this resource individually or collectively based on whatever suits your requirements - be it full-class instruction over video conference calls or small-scale projects while sharing screens and having students discuss pivotal points gathered from behavior outline.

Healthy adaptation to Virtual Learning

These versatile tools can be excellently integrated as an extension activity or Homework assignments where students are encouraged to actively apply the learning in real world scenarios, predicting improved results over time. In conclusion,The Video Conferencing Behaviors Cards & Animated PowerPoint come as indispensable assets for thriving not merely transitioning to remote learning but also envisage an upliftment of future online education, transforming them into productive enjoyable spaces.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 25 Pages

10 Appropriate Behavior Cue Cards

> Look at computer screen

> Sit at a desk or table

> Be Still while on camera

> Listen to others speaking

> Think about what others are saying

> Be Quiet when others are talking

> Wait for your turn

> Go To The Bathroom ahead of time

> Use Self Control to stay calm and focused

> Respond to others who are talking to you

> 11 Page Slide Show Presentation: Same As Above In An Animated PowerPoint Presentation

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